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CO2 Target[Cities]

Name of city Established year Target (without specific description, target means percentage of CO2 reduction compared with base year) Target year Base year Ordinance, plan, program
Sapporo 2001 (revised 2007) -6% per inhabitant 2010 1990 Sapporo climate change program
Sendai FY2004 -7% per inhabitant FY2010 FY1990 Sendai climate change program
Saitama FY2006 Over -6% (total GHG) FY2012 FY1990 Saitama climate change program
Chiba FY2004 -6% FY2010 FY1990 Chiba climate change program
Yokohama FFY2008 -30% per inhabitant(= 5.3 million t/year)by 2025,
-60% per inhabitant(= 13 million t/year)by 2050
FY2025 (mid-term),
FY2050 (long-term)
FY2004 Yokohama climate change action policy: Co-Do 30
Kawasaki 2004 -6% 2010 1990 Kawasaki climate change program
Niigata 2009 -11% (= -0.8 million tCO2) 2012 2005 Niigata climate change leading local action program
Shizuoka FY2008 -6% FY2010 FY1990 Shizuoka climate change program
Hamamatsu 2009 -6% total CO2 by 2014,
-7% per inhabitant by 2014,
-50% by 2050
2014 (mid-term),
2050 (long-term)
1990 (mid-term),
2005 (long-term)
Hamamatsu climate change program
Nagoya 2001 -10% 2010 1990 Nagoya climate change program
Kyoto 2004 -10%(total GHG) 2010 1990 Kyoto climate change ordinance
Osaka FY2002 -7% FY2010 FY1990 Osaka climate change program
Sakai FY2003 -8% FY2010 FY1990 Sakai energy saving vision
Kobe 2000 -6% 2010 1990 Kobe climate change program
Hiroshima 2003 -6% 2010 1990 Hiroshima climate change program
Kitakyushu 2008 -50% inside the city
-150% with international cooperation
2050 2005 Eco Model City application
Fukuoka FY2006 "-8% per household (household)
-8% per car (transportation)
-14% per square meter (business)
FY2010 FY2004 Fukuoka climate change program
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