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Concrete measures on climate change and renewable energy[Cities]

Name of city Subsidy for PV Climate change plan RE & EE plan for new building Others Division in charge of climate change measures Corporation with other divisions Other climate change measures
Sapporo N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A Encouraging stable citizens' eco-actions: Developing educational projects aiming to reduce CO2 emissions in a concrete way: Requires businesses to submit environment conservation action plan and car use and management plan.
Sendai N/A N/A N/A N/A Environmentally-Friendly City Promotion Section Communicating within the government. Implemented educational campaign and seminars on demand.
Saitama N/A N/A N/A N/A Global Warming Prevention Office Established a promotion headquarters. N/A
Chiba N/A N/A N/A Environment Management Division, Environment Conservation Department, Environment Bureau Established Environment Basic Plan Promotion Committee as a supervising organization. Promoting environmental accounting and campaign to reduce combustible waste by one-third.
Yokohama N/A N/A Climate Change Policy Headquarters N/A N/A
Kawasaki N/A N/A N/A Global Environment & Sustainability Office of the Environmental Protection Bureau Established Headquarters for global warming prevention to have related divisions work together. Carbon Challenge Kawasaki Eco Conference, Global Warming Countermeasure Area Promotion Plan, Promotion Headquarters for Countermeasures against Global Warming, Kawasaki new energy vision, Kawasaki eco-office plan.
Niigata N/A N/A N/A Under discussion about incentive programs such as eco-point systems. To establish Nigata City climate change policy committee Established to Environment Conservation Committee to coordinate related divisions and promote city policies. N/A
Shizuoka N/A N/A N/A N/A Shizuoka City Developed Eco-Model City plan: Established a headquarters to conduct a survey on regional voluntary programs. N/A
Hamamatsu N/A N/A N/A Environmental Planning Division, Environmental Department N/A N/A
Nagoya N/A N/A loan support for small and medium-scale businesses Global Warming Countermeasures Office, Environmental Affairs Bureau Established the Promotion Committee for Environment Capital Nagoya led by deputy mayor to enhance cooperation within the city government. Promoting eco-friendly lifestyle by encouraging EXPO money system that enables participants to gain points for their eco-friendly actions: Dispatching energy saving advisors to businesses to give advices based on handbooks of energy saving initiatives.
Kyoto N/A Global Warming Prevention Office Established Global Warming Prevention Office in 2005. Transferred global warming countermeasures tasks from Environment Bureau to City Planning Bureau, and set a post of Global Environment Policy Director as a supervisor of major policies on global warming prevention. Main projects listed in Eco-Model City Action Plan: (1) "Town to Walk: Kyoto" project to develop human-friendly roads and towns: (2) "Town of Wood and Forests: Kyoto" project to develop low-carbon landscapes: (3) Changes in lifestyles and technology innovation; "DO YOU KYOTO?" project: International partnership with ICLEI and WMCCC.
Osaka N/A N/A N/A N/A Environment Bureau Working together with other related divisions for curbing heat island effects. Operating "Naniwa Eco Conference", and developed Naniwa Eco-Life Certificate program.
Sakai N/A N/A N/A Environment City Promotion Office Established Environmental City Promotion headquarters to work together with related divisions. Selected as one of Eco-Model Cities. Plan to promote initiatives toward low-carbon society.
Kobe N/A N/A N/A Environmental Conservation Guidance Division, Environment Bureau Established Global Environment Conservation Headquarters in July 1992 to promote the policies comprehensively in the city. Established Action Program to Achieve GHG Emissions Reduction Targets in March 2008, a practical action plan as the result of CO2 emissions reduction program.
Hiroshima N/A System to be implemented by the ordinance: request electricity companies to submit plans about renewable energy utilization. Department of Resources, Energy and Global Warming,. Environment Bureau Established Energy and Global Warming Associated Session in 2008 to plan and establish effective and efficient policies for global warming issues and energy. Hiroshima Eco-Life Point program, Energy Saving Light Bulb campaign, No My Car Days program.
Kitakyushu N/A N/A N/A World Environmental Capital Policy Division, Environment Bureau Established a headquarters for Eco-Model City Promotion and a project team to develop the action plan as an Eco-Model City, working together with related divisions. N/A
Fukuoka N/A N/A N/A N/A Global Warming Countermeasure Section、 Environmental Bureau N/A N/A
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